BNNY RBBT vinyl coming soon!
Only $12.08 USD / Only making 200. Reserve your copy now!!!!

Guys, it was just normal Saturday. I go to yard sale where I find old school camcorder bag. Inside was some random weird items and VHS tape. And on this VHS tape I discover something that changed my life forever... BNNY RBBT!!! The most amazing musician I ever hear!!

Welcome! This is only known website in whole world dedicate to discovery and research more about the BNNY RBBT!! A giant animal singer (probably 7 foot tall?) who sings like angel and was last scene in 1990s. If you know where is he or have more music, photos, vinyls, posters, cassette tapes, vhs video -- whatever -- please send all infos to my email or the twitter or instagrm or Facebook.

If you are new to here, starting at bottom of this page is best.

Or visit LTTL RBBTS "Hall of Fame" or "Fan artwork" gallery or BNNY RBBT T-Shirts for sale >>

Only [8] songs known in existence. Download free: I Hate Love, Solitary Flame, If I Were Human, Waterfalls Down, will u want me?, Anchor, Bombs, Big World


- Boudreaux

Super fan Pierc Wilsons has created amzing BNNY ZINE. You get free copy too!! I love mine forever and ever. So gratefilled when fans make BNNY RBBT stuff. WOW is so beautiful!!!!!!

Wow, guys!!! BNNY RBBT song in Cartoon Networks Adult Swim "Off the Air" episode. Im so so happy right now!!!!!

GUys, this is incredible song just came in from anonymous sources from internest people!!!!! I love this song "I HATE LOVE" so so much. Is incredible powerfull to me I want to scream and cry at some times. What you think about it? Maybe is favorite so far???

Solitary Flames - new BNNY RBBT song been send me from anonymous sours. Song only came in so I made video about when i had clean up my room after invasion robbery? I love song though!!!!!

The official BNNY RBBT Open mic challenge. This is cool!!! Click here for instructions on how do it:

Happy 2018 to all whole big world of BNNY RBBT fans. We gonna take this thing huge this year, yeah!!!!! Let's do open mic challenge for

Wow!!!! Guys, Iwanami Productions people send over more footages from BNNY RBBT doucmentry. Plus... they send instrumental version of "If I Was Human" is so great. Ciao!!!!!!!

Iwanami Productions have send over new music video, guys! This song make me cry is so so beautiful. You hear me?? YOU HEAR ME???? I wanna cry is so crazy beautiful. Check out:

Worse room mate ever "Tyler the Hater" has betray me so i fire him from BNNY RBBT documentry. Anyway, I got cool package with AMAZING poster!!!!!! Check out:

Guys, Mr. Sato send over amazing footages of BNNY RBBT. Check out. Was BNNY RBBT magic???????????

Guys, it look like Mr. Yoshiaki Sato was famous in Japan for directing world famous anime "Mars of Destruction". This is big news, guys. Ciao!!!!

Lots of mail and comments to comment on, guys. Thank you whole internet for helping in reasearches about BNNY RBBT. Guys, we WILL find him!!

Wow!!!!! All way from Hawaii, USA!!! Fans are everywhere guys. check out this video from island fan!!

Waterfalls Down is song so beautifula and video so amazing -- anime styles!!!! -- that I am love right now. Plese check out and make sure you like video and subscribe and just let song enter you heart and heal soul. Like I did! Ciao!!!!!!!

Re-action video for when i watch Waterfalls Down video first time. is so great, guys. I gonna find that directory Yoshiaki Sato!!!! Ciao!!!!

Big thanks to Mei Kittens for send father's friends video of brand new BNNY RBBT song "Water Falls Down" I love so so sooooo much. Wow!!!!!!!!!

Ok, guys. Tyler and me decide make real documentry about BNNY RBBT discoveries!!!!

tyler internests biggest hater :(

I finally speak with gypsy lady from BNNY RBBT house. (She original lady who sell me camcorder bag and stuff) She little shy but had cool object for to show me. Check it:

Guys, wow!!!!!! Brand new BNNY RBBT song been discovered and send to me by anonymous source. (Persons dont wish share identity, so i cant add to hall of fame yet). Anyway, ss song so beautiful and mysterious and I love it:

Guys, I feel little better now after preivous video make me sad and stuff. Anyway, i feel little better cuz new footages of BNNY RBBT poster artowrk been found in San Frncisco USA! Very interesting!!! Ciao!!!

i just watching vhs tape from original yard sale again (with Big World on) and i left running too long. There was static for while then new video footage been found. New bad footage. I don't know how feel right now. Not good.

Wow, i was in shocks! Gang of NYC super BNNY RBBT fans made pilgrimage journey adventure to BNNY RBBT evidence site. Watch what happened next!!!! Ciao!!!!!!!

Guys, a 3nd song from BNNY RBBT been found!!!!!!!! Check it out so beautiful. Dimitrus8383 send to me home movie footages of BNNY RBBT and Sara on sailboat. Is incredible! Ciao!!!!!!!

Guys, this video came without sound to me from Dimitrus8383. (He is same Dimitrus8383 who is BNNY RBBT Hall of Famer for giving us whole Big World song.) Now he send this to me (and more coming he says). Is incredible! We see BNNY RBBT's wife is name Sara and that BNNY RBBT went missing. I translate everything. Ciao!!!

Hey hey shout out the BNNY RBBT super fans who live in New York!!!!!! New super fan Keith Parent is from there and find BNNY RBBT sticker at A1 Record Shops and film video evidence there. Is incredible!!! Keith, my brother I add you to Hall of Fame! Ciao!!!

Guys, this is amaze! A fan from Lyon, France send to me footage inside Roosevelt Hotel. Remember this is same hotel Monsieur Remi used to work at but most importatnly... BNNY RBBT actualy used to be there!!! Ciao!!!

Guys, wow!!!!! Somebody over the night send me strange footage of BNNY RBBT in hallway. I post my reaction video just now. Check it out. Is so weird and cool!

Guys, BNNY RBBT was in Japan, Tokyo! A fan name YuiYui send to me footage inside TOkyo bar where she and her friend were hanging out. Whoa incredible!!! (If you can translate japanese writing for me, I post it here!) Check it out:

A fan got inspired by BNNY RBBT so made fan art and send to me. I loved it so much I had my friend who knows how make T-shirts, make T-shirt. I love it. Send me more stuff, guys!!! Ciao, Boudreaux!!!!

Guys, just yesterday I open my AOL email and there is new song send me from "anonymous" person out there. It is brand new BNNY RBBT song that so crazy beautiful I want to cry. Track is called "Bombs" and I love it. I upload to youtube and soundscloud places for whole world. Guys, we now have 2 BNNY RBBT songs -- wow!!!!! Ciao, Boudreaux!!!!

I have just got off the work and have time to upload...

Guys, a great viewer name Jon Kelley has found photo of himselves and BNNY RBBT from 1995. His father noticed BNNY RBBT in old family album. Is very incredible discovery. I so so so happy! Ciao!!!!

Guys, i feel so happy ever time peoples on internet comment and make time out of busy lives to write on BNNY RBBT. New video I create tonight called "BNNY RBBT mail bags" has amazing comments! Reminder... make even more comments!! And if good, I read them too next time. Ciao!!!!

Guys, I want take you on full tour of BNNY RBBT fans website that I make from some file I finds on disk. Plus there is surprise new area of website!!!! Check it out now!

Guys... it is hard to write this without get emotional. WE NOW HAVE FULL BIG WORLD SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to viewer Dimitris8383 who find us on youtubes and submitted to me from his private collection of musics the full Big World song. Remember we only had small bit of song from VHS tape, but not any longer!! It is a glorious day for me and the whole BNNY RBBT fan society (which is growing stronger in number every minutes). This is what I am talking about now ladies and gentlemans from worldwide internets. We are going to return BNNY RBBT back to original glory before he disappear in obscurities in 90s. Thank you, Dimitris8383 for sending song. I love you. I love it. This whole community loves you. Reminder: Guys, please send whateve ryou haves. Ciao! Watch & listen now:

And now here is just whole Big World song on the youtube . I loop together VHS footages.


And I start Soundscloud channel to uploads BNNY RBBT music:

Guys, after much efforts I FINALLy had interview with Monsieur Remi who used to work at Le Roosevelt hotel. He actually knew BNNY RBBT and saw him sing there in 90s!!!! Wow!! This is amazing eyewitness interview!!! (Sorry for bad audios, I put the subtitles for better understanding) Ciao! Watch now:

Inside this bag were items that I find. VHS tape, polaroids, disk from old school computer, matches. Check them out.
On disk I find some original BNNY RBBT website files. Starry background. Netscape logo. Whatever. Very ancient stuffs. So I buy domain name and uploads this website from BNNY RBBT's own original files found on his own disk I found!!! I try stay true to orginal look & feel the way BNNY RBBT would have know it. [Sorry, Guys. I am cr*p webmaster at html programming. If you can help donate time for better more modern programming code better... PM me!] Ciao!

Watch now:

The tape that start it all. I discover amazing animal/musician BNNY RBBT who was lost on VHS tape since 90s. Guys, this BNNY RBBT has change my life 4ever. I make big splash on YouTUbe and hopefully be able to find more lost music from this magical artist. If you have anything, i post it here. Ciao!!!


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