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Guys, this is LTTL RBBTS "Hall of Fame"! Everbody in hall of fame have contribute somethings extra special to our BNNY RBBT research. If you send me song, video, vinyl, posters, artworks or do something extraordinary wonderfuls & unique for to this important discovery work, you are LTTL RBBTS Hall of Famer.... forever!!!

And ever!!!!!!!

AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

LTTL RBBTs "Hall of Famers!"
SUPER FANS OF 2020 31 October 2020 SUPER FANS OF 2020 announced during 3rd Annual Halloween Listening Party:

kyle_minecraf12 from discrod 24July 2020 Researched U-haul storage unit and found new code to new storage unit where BNNY computer was found: View
Ring (Azuris) from discrod 19 June 2020 Researched Huntington Castle in Ireland and found BNNY RBBT evidence on tree. View
Easter Listening Party Winners 11 April 2020 GRAND PRIZE: ItsameWario

* 1 Original test pressing vinyl of "8 Magic & Surprising Song" (no artwrok) signed by Bora
* Secret video greeting from Bora
* BNNY RBBT sticker bundle pack
* Secret guide cheat sheet & 25% off t-shirt

RUNNERS-UP WINNERS: Discrod avatars - @Bluey, @Obscur, @Kaz, @Adam H., @Maxine, @Spen Co., @adamr71, @Lumpyy, @Jeremy

* BNNY RBBT sticker bundle pack
* Secret guide cheat sheet & 25% off t-shirt

trina (from discord) 25 March 2020 Created 52-page guide book about BNNY RBTBT. Download
1995 BNNY RBBT Tour Poster + Nest!! 25 Decemeber 2019
1st Place - BNNY RBBT Super Fan of Whole Year 2019 31 October 2019 Legally Japan This incredible SUPER BNNY RBBT fan is always every day not matter what -- always doing research. I don't know how doing it everything and going school for genius mathematics or something super fancy. Has amazing band who doing BNNY RBBT covers songs (Midnight in London excellent version); fly by airplane to London England for pilgirmage to actually BNNY RBBT site where must have been Midnight in London video filmed. Found exactly the spots. Incredible!!! contacts big social media stars always asking for them help find BNNY RBBT (like nexpo, needle drop guy fantano, whangs). BNNY RBBT would be so so proud this person i am sure. This year Grand Prize Super BNNY RBBT fan of whole year 2019 is Legally Japan!!!!!!
2nd Place - BNNY RBBT Super Fan of Whole Year 2019 31 October 2019 Eune - for keep up with BNNY RBBT since Waterfalls Down! Is always so excited see more BNNY RBBT. Loves his vocals lyrics. been searching for anything BNNY RBBT all year!!

TheBlueDiamondKid - for always make such great blender 3D artwrok and so positive and such leader

Locomule - for always such good ARG investigates researches and creative games and songs on twitter!
"A BNNY NGHTMR II" Listening Party 31 October 2019 We did great Listening Party on discrod server.Everbody was there is now part of Hall of Fames!!! You know you were!!!
Dark Voices 17 August 2019 Made amazing spooky tribute video for BNNY RBBT Video Designed amazing tshirt
Legally Japan 14 August 2019 Took pilgrimage to BNNY RBBT evidence site in actual London. View
gRUNger Oficial 31 Mar 2019 Made research video for Spanish investigatores Video
Steven Epps 6 December 2018 Got BNNY RBBT tattoo showing scene from Ghost House video. Tattoo Video
Super BNNY RBBT fans collective
Top row: @MadTuf, @tim_de_vil, @alecbread
Middle: @travisnotcool, @vague.plague, @friend_besto
Bottom: @friend_besto, @kizzamarie_, @ellennnrose
15 August 2018 Created artwrok for BNNY RBBT discovered song "Don't Fade Away": Artwrok
Matt Huff 22 July 2018 Created many BNNY RBBT inspring artwrok pieces: bracelet, tea cups, candle, mask, ensemble
Pierce Wilsons 6 June 2018 Created a BNNY RBBT zine called BNNYZNE!
"Off the Air" / Adult Swim / Cartoon Network 29 Apr 2018 Used BNNY RBBT song "If I Were Human" in USA television epsidoe here!
LesManga Musique 25 Apr 2018 Did ZUCC vocaloid remix of "If I Were Human"
just noah 22 Apr 2018 Found possibly alternate video for "I Hate Love"???
Night Mind 15 Apr 2018 Featured BNNY RBBT research here.
Iwanami Productions 28 Oct 2017 Submittted "If I Were Human" music video and song
Yoshiaki Sato 14 Oct 2017 Shared BNNY RBBT documentary footage!
scotch - youtube, patreon 21 Aug 2017 Premiered "Waterfalls Down" on wonderful youtube channel and translating Japanese!
Mei Kittens 21 Aug 2017 Submitted "Waterfalls Down" video and song.
Mel Hull - intsagram, website 2 Aug 2017 Donated cover artwrok for "will u want me?" Artwork
Andreas "centralnintendo1" Plonka 7 Jun 2017 Got interview with original Hyplomar producer The Hyplomar Interview
@nat.what, @_coolbeann, @possible_reality, @heylookitsjames_ 1 Jun 2017 Took pilgrimage to BNNY RBBT evidence site in New York City Video
Dimitirus8383 31 May 2017 Submitted "Anchor" song and sail boat footage Video
Keith Parent 5 May 2017 Found BNNY RBBT sticker at A1 Record Shops in New York City Video
anonymous 30 Apr 2017 Filmed inside Le Roosevelt Hotel in Lyon, France Video
YuiYuiYui 14 Apr 2017 Spotted BNNY RBBT poster inside Tokyo bar Video
anonymous 17 Mar 2017 "Bombs" video and song send to me Video
Jon Kelley 7 Mar 2017 Found pic from 1995 family album of him watching BNNY RBBT on TV Video
We All Want Someone to Shout For 27 Feb 2017 First blog ever write review Blog
SubwaySandiches 20 Feb 2017 Submitted first fan art ever. Pic, Video
Dimitris8383 14 Feb 2017 Submitted "Big World" song. Video
Boudreaux 24 Jan 2017 Rediscovery BNNY RBBT on VHS; creates super www.bnnyrbbt.fans website

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