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Guys, on original video I discover, BNNY RBBT and his Sara are on interview show named Hyplomar.

Is very cool show. I wish I had full interview. But not too much infos about Hyplomar out there anymore now is 20+ years old... But a BNNY RBBT super fan named centralnintendo1 [aka Andreas Plonka] has research for us Hyplomar and found somebody!!

He find Mr. Adam Rosand one of original creators of Hyplomar on TV station TCI Public Access Channel 29 / Hotline Studio in Seattle Washington where it aired. Adam agreed to be interviewed for BNNYRBBT.Fans!!!!!

Adam Rosand (on left with chest hairs) during Hyplomar during 1990s.

ANDREAS PLANKO FOR BNNYRBBT.FANS: Hey, this is Andreas. I found a post of yours when I was Googling "hyplomar" and I wanted to know more about it. The reason why is because there has been this music video out by someone with the name BNNY RBBT. And we are trying to figure out who this person is and maybe find more of his music. There is an entire webpage dedicated to finding him. Now how did I come to Googling "Hyplomar"? well in the beginning of the music video the title is Hyplomar 1-3-95. The Song is called "Big World" by BNNY RBBT. If you know anything I would love to know more :) I am helping Boudreaux out to find BNNY RBBT.

ADAM: Hello!!.. WoW, Hyplomar on SOMEONE ELSE'S video??.. that was random!!.. We BEGGED ALL of the local Seattle-grunge-wannabe bands to let us play their videos but all we got was some bootlegged Martial Arts for Midgets (back when it was PC to call them that), and a Home Pregnancy Workout video!! Not only am I flattered that someone used our text bar, I'm glad it went onto something I'd fully approve of. That IS a darn fine video!!..

BNNYRBBT.FANS: Do you know who BNNY RBBT is?

ADAM: Trying to imagine exactly WHO would be Mr Bnny Rbbt?..could've been.... ummmm.......... ehh?....... naww...... ??????????....

BNNYRBBT.FANS: So if I understand correctly, you and some others are Hyplomar, and you wanted to play bands on that channel. So you would have been involved in this BNNY RBBT video? But it seems like it was edited into the video and was never played on that channel?

ADAM: Truth is, the text bar was often times left on after we'd have our show, and we were notorious at leaving the settings of all instruments regarding cameras, lights, etc... anyone else could've come in and randomly edited it into their video.

BNNYRBBT.FANS: So there is the possibility that BNNY RBBT is real? There has been suspicion that it's a modern song and the artist is just pulling a publicity stunt.

ADAM: Yeah, very possible... What's really strange is that date 1-3-95 (or whatever it was exactly) was the very first show we did. It definitely did not have BNNY RBBT on it though. I didn't recognize the gal in it with him either... That's definitely our scrolling text though. Exactly how we displayed it.

BNNYRBBT.FANS: Hmm, that's weird. Does the set look like one of your sets? Because apart from figuring out who this person is, I also need to know if it's even real. So I can continue to do research in the correct time frame.

ADAM: With today's technology, it might've been super-imposed... But that would require A LOT of editing for something so random. Let me look again...


ADAM: I believe this is authentic to the time frame. The stage he is being interviewed on is VERY 90's in a way that most people would've forgotten... My "gut" tells me that BNNY RBBT shot everything back in '95, was someone from the same station we shot our show from, and edited this video in our same studio (known as "the hotline studio"), and it probably found its way through time into camcorder at a garage sale, etc..

I can ask a couple others who worked also there. Ironically, there's a documentary being filmed about the shows and other media shot at that station called "Channeling Yourself".

BNNYRBBT.FANS: Now that you say it like that, it does seem like a bit much work to make a single fake video. Unless there is a big giveaway that it is fake. I will continue my resaerch too. And that would be great if you could ask for that :D. When is the documentary coming out?

ADAM: Not sure when the documentary wil be finished. They've been working on it for a couple of years.

BNNYRBBT.FANS: Oh alright, well thanks for your help, I hope someone you know might know who BNNY RBBT is. I'll be so happy if you do :) and I'll be on the lookout for that documentary even if it might not be soon. It's kinda amazing that I even found you, I was about to give up on doing research on Hyplomar because there was very little information on Google (or at least information that I believed had to do something with my research.)

ADAM: Keep in touch in case I lose track of you... and good luck on your search.

BNNYRBBT.FANS: I will and thanks!!! :)

Adam Rosand today.

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