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Guys, is time we take BNNY RBBT movement to streets and cafes worldwide! Is time for BNNY RBBT OPEN MIC NITE CHALLENGE!. Here how works:

1.Download BNNY RBBT mask. Print mask. Is easy and fun! [DOWNLOAD MASK HERE]
2.Find nearby open mic night at cafe or coffee shop in you village.
3.Put on BNNY RBBT mask. Don't worry. Is cool.
4.Play BNNY RBBT song of your choice. I like "Waterfalls Down" but you can chose your fav.
5.After song plays. Read instruction to audience:

"BNNY RBBT, the long lost musician, has recently been re-discovered because of cooperation of internet peoples around whole world. Please join our search. We are looking for any new music, art, or information leading to or pertaining to BNNY RBBT. Contact us at www.bnnyrbbt.fans."
6.Challenge two friends to do BNNY RBBT open mic nite challenge:

"I now challenge ________ and ________ to do their own BNNY RBBT open mic challenge. #FINDBNNYRBBT"
7.Be sure film everything. Post to online. Send me link.

I so proud of you guys for doing it with me. Wow! Together we will find more BNNY RBBT! Ciao!!!!!!!!

- Boudreaux

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* Guys, I not webmaster guru or nothings. I just made website as best I can from same original files I find on BNNY RBBT floppy disk found in camcorder bag.
I try to leave stuffs as I find them... If you know better html web coding, please, you volunteer help much appreciated. Send me PM. ~Ciao!